Residential Services

McDiarmid Plumbing Service is specialised in providing incomparable service for our residential customers to help them continue to manage their daily routines by quickly repairing and addressing their plumbing concerns.

  • Leaking taps, hosecocks and showers
  • Blockages – drains and toilets
  • Renovations
  • Underground leak detection
  • Hot Water Installations – Electric, Solar & Gas
  • New Builds
  • Gas Services
  • Certified Backflow Prevention and Testing
  • CCTV Inspections and Jet Rodder
  • Thermostatic valves

The locations we service are the Gold Coast, Scenic Rim & Surrounding Suburbs.


Ask the Plumber???

Leaking taps and showers – A leaking tap will only get worse, not to mention the increase of your water bill as time goes by. The quicker a tap is repaired the less likely it is to wear away the seat which will leave you with a bigger repair if left too long. Termites love moisture, so any ignored leak needs to be investigated in case it’s leaking into areas undetected.

Blockages – Noisy, gurgling fixtures that are slow to drain are the first signs of a blockage. Blockages are not only caused by overloading your toilet……land subsidence, tree roots and broken pipes can all lead to the need for immediate attention. Being quick to pick up on a blockage and calling us will stop huge damages caused by water backing up and flooding your home.

Underground leak detection – If you suspect you have an underground leak, check your water meter box. If the meter is ticking over in front of you there is a definite cause for concern. Any green spots on the lawn or other wet areas can indicate the location and knowing if the pipeline runs under concrete or not can help save time. You can call us and we can quickly organise leak detection and onsite visits as soon as possible.

Hot Water Units – There are many choices for hot water units and it can be confusing. Take the guess work out of it and call us to have a chat about what would suit you and your family. We specialise in installs, replacements and commissioning and work with trusted brands such as Apricus, Rinnai, Vulcan and Rheem.

As a general idea, a 250L unit will suit for a family of 4-5 in the household.

If you suspect there is a problem with your Hot Water Unit or it is leaking, the first question to ask is do you have water at all?

If you have water, can you get hot water?

If you only have cold water available and an electric HWU, an electrician needs to be called.

If your HWU is leaking from the top, this is a sign that the casing has deteriorated and the unit needs to be replaced.

If your HWU is leaking from the element box, it may just be an element rubber that needs replacing.